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World’s most iconic store Harrods in located in Knightsbridge on Brompton Road. Inspired the palaces of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the shop reflects opulence all the way. Doormen dressed in tailcoats and hats in ‘Harrods green’ will swing the heavy gilded doors open before you can reach the handles yourself. Every member of the staff is courteous and knowledgable.  The shop layout is certainly not for people with poor navigation skills. The wonders of shopping world lay hidden amongst many twists and turns of Harrods almost like a discovery mission. The helpful staff will guide you through and there are in store maps available. The ground floor is about makeup, skincare, handbags, perfumers, men’s fashion and food hall. Go up the Egyptian escalators to women’s fashion and you will need a day to cover all the brands. From the haute couture to contemporary almost every big name is stocked here. Move up to the shoes and instead of a plain floor of shoes Harrods has created various corridors that lead to individual shoes boutiques. From men’s grooming, children’s toy kingdom, furniture to stationery, Harrods has it all. If your feet get tired walking through this 5 acre, one million square feet of retail therapy heaven, the there are 25 restaurants, champagne bars and coffee shops to take a break in. Their legendary Christmas shop opens every year in the summer for six months- plenty of time to play Santa Claus.

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