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Summer 2017 London Style

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The London Girl

The London Girl is my creation as a fashionista and style guru.

The website is founded to focus on my main passions in life – fashion and the London social scene.

I believe that life is a fashion show and every day is a catwalk. It is easy to fall down the black hole of life in a rut. By the time you finish work, family duties and household chores you realise that you have no idea what to wear the next day. You find yourself only wearing the ever safe all black outfits round the year, eagerly waiting daily to change into your grey pyjamas. If you are searching for some style inspiration, this site does the work for you. From my favourite designers to the best places to eat, read on for a definitive guide to the best-ever reasons to be a fabulous Londoner.

I mix sexy feminine style with classic chic staples, with a modern twist definitely with some French and Italian vibe. Here you will find elegant dresses and dazzling prints, from emerging names to luxury brands, I will present you a balanced collection where where you can find everything fit from lunch wear to gala events. Expect a pretty but fun take on fashion trends.

Please come back every week for updates on what are the in things in style and follow me on Instagram, featured below, as I experience the pleasures of London.

Maybe deep inside, a lot of us just want to carry on playing dress up we started when we were five. I live for the glamorous dresses, the alluring high heels and the latest handbags to match. From an young age, I had a keen interest in learning all about makeup, hair and collecting all the fashion magazines showcasing Versace’s flamboyance, Cavalli’s animal spirit and Herve Leger’s strict bandage dresses. It was no surprise when I realised that fashion consultancy was the profession for me. I see people as canvases to be draped in styles that represent who they are. Although I am never afraid to experiment a little, I respect what is acceptable for the occasion.

I want show you what is on offer if you are looking for some fashion inspirations, a radical makeover or a simple everyday treat. In my findings I aim to cater to stylish members of every age group and price range. So come join me in my treasure hunt in the exciting world of style and socialising.